What’s The Point

One of the great things about growing older, is running in to yourself as a kid. Now, how did I run into myself? Good question, very existential, and this is where I was as a kid apparently. My husband is always getting on to my son for: “Being my shadow.” I’m admittedly a random burst into song person at home. Admit it, some of you are too. Every time he complains I bust in with: “Me and my arrow”…”The Point” by Harry Nilsson. I put this note on my fridge: The Point. I finally went to YouTube this evening to show my husband my weirdness had a…well…a point.

As soon as I heard the songs from the movie I was transported back to my childhood. I watched this movie repeated. I LOVED it!! It’s so soothing and it has a point. Old Kristi, meet new Kristi. This movie was instrumental in who I am today. (Except not nearly as mellow, I don’t know how that happened as much as I saw it.)

The point that I see today is in my work and studies and interests that I carry and opine on. Most recently The Pistorius Effect. I looked online and could not find the lyrics for The Game from the movie, but if you listen and substitute in Pistorius. It makes you wonder a bit. Are we not letting him, or whoever, not play because they are without their own points? Oblio had a synthetic point that his mother knitted that worked quite well at the game with the assistance of his dog Arrow. The other kids said he’s different and can’t play, not a natural point (and the dog could move and help him a bit…significant advantage). When Oblio gets his point, all the other points on the citizens disappear, except for his, he finally gets his own.

There are other stories of the outcast trying to get in, Rudolph, but try a new flavor.

For all of you that loved this as a kid, or never knew it, feel fall in love, again.

“If everything has a point,
then I must have one too”

What’s your’s


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